What Is Drug Addiction And What Can Ohio Drug Rehab Facilities Offer Their Patients?

There are many options for drug abuse treatment in Ohio and, considering that insurance companies provide coverage for this type of treatment, some of these options are affordable for all people who try to overcome their addiction. Treatment facilities exist in all major cities in Ohio, offering all kind of services able to cover all the needs of their patients.

What is drug addiction?

Regardless the way it is considered – a result of poor life choices or a chronic disease – drug addiction affects the brain, by blocking neurotransmitters and changing a person`s behavior. Drugs increase the level of dopamine, making people happy and euphoric but eventually the body will get used to the drug and require higher amounts to feel high, hence the probability of overdose with all its unfortunate consequences – medical, social and personal.

Drug rehab facilities: the best chance at achieving recovery from the devastating effects of addiction

Undergoing a drug treatment is a very important decision and the first step toward recovery. Ohio drug rehab facilities offer a multitude of programs and treatment options that can be customized in order to meet every patient’s needs. Throughout every phase of the treatment, the patient will be helped by experienced staff, able to address any psychological issue as well as destructive behavior and attitudes that typically accompany drug abuse, providing a recovery plan and the promising perspective of long-term recovery.

An overview of the services provided by Ohio drug rehab facilities

All addiction recovery centers feature at least basic services:

  • Intervention

Addiction intervention services have been created to help reluctant addicts to admit their drug abuse and seek a form of treatment. Making this small first step is probably the most difficult task because the entire upcoming rehab process depends on it.

  • Detox

The recovery process cannot start if medical detoxification services are not provided because withdrawal symptoms will make it impossible. During the detox stage, all traces of drugs are gradually removed from the body, with or without medication – depending on the severity of each care. Detoxification helps patients regain their physical and mental health, making the transition to intensive rehab treatment much easier.  Look to Detox centers in Ohio to help guide you through.

  • Rehab

This is where patients are helped to address those issues related to their addiction and eventually learning to live again without going back to drugs. Rehab is typically performed through inpatient or outpatient treatments that include different types of therapies, approaches, as well as aftercare programs to assist patients who finished their treatment and are returning to their regular life.

How can patients make a rehab treatment work for them?

Regardless the facility and the type of treatment, the success in rehabilitation largely depends on the attitude of the patient. Here are some things that will really make a difference: understanding that addiction is real and constitutes a big problem, being open to the professionals, discussing thoughts and emotions, accepting suggestions, staying focused on the treatment for its whole duration and being active during therapy sessions.