Why Do Invisalign Aligners Work for So Many People?

Why do Invisalign braces appeal for so many people all around the world? It’s definitely not the price, since Invisalign isn’t much cheaper than regular braces. However, with the help of these high quality, clear aligners, you can eliminate a lot of problems that normal braces simply aren’t equipped to handle.

If you use Invisalign, you will already start noticing differences within the first week. The aligners act quickly, and they’re also comfortable enough to wear that you won’t even feel them. But these facts are already well-known to those who have read about the aligners in the past. In the following, we will take a closer look to some of the lesser known traits and qualities attributed to this revolutionary dentistry device.

The Many “Imperfections” of Invisalign Aligners

If you’re looking for braces or aligners that can help you correct just about any kind of discontinuity or misalignment in your teeth, Invisalign definitely takes first prize. This powerful product is designed to deal with a variety of imperfections, many of which you’d normally have needed special braces for just a few years ago.

With the help of Invisalign, you can correct crookedness without much difficulty. Also, crowded teeth are easily dealt with, and gapped teeth will no longer bother you when it comes to dealing with challenging foods that you couldn’t chew well before using the new Invisalign aligners. Finally, when it comes to eating, a misaligned bite (commonly referred to as malocclusion) can cause a variety of difficulties. With the Invisalign clear aligners even this problem can be eliminated, and you can enjoy your meals without any difficulties.

Greater Comfort and a Shorter Treatment Time

With Invisalign you can enjoy a much better level of comfort and convenience than with other orthodontics. The aligners are designed to meld perfectly on your teeth, being designed around each imperfection and protrusion, so that it will align without the need for brackets and wires and without irritating your gums.

Although using Invisalign is more comfortable, the total required treatment time will be significantly lower than the time you’d have to wear regular braces. Typically, even adults who wear Invisalign aligners will easily have most of their problems corrected within a year – and in some cases even faster.

What About Oral Hygiene? 

man having teeth examined at dentist

Safety and oral hygiene are not as frequently addressed as some of the other advantages of the Invisalign aligners. However, as Centennial dental experts can tell you, Invisalign is an excellent choice when you’re looking to improve oral health and make oral hygiene tasks more convenient than in the case of most types of orthodontics.

With the help of Invisalign, you can avoid debris being stuck between your teeth, and the aligners are also much smoother and more convenient. Problems such as demineralization and the possibility of decaying teeth will no longer be present, and gum disease and cavities will also be avoided.

So why do Invisalign aligners offer so many advantages you can’t get anywhere else? The above points should clarify these facts for the most part, and if you ask your dentist, you’ll also find that Invisalign offers many more benefits that you might not have discovered yet.