Tips to Make Your Skin Better for the Holidays

The holidays are happy times that we are all looking forward to, but they are also tiring. For many of us, the holidays also mean lots of traveling, spending time in hotels or as guests in someone else’s home, changes to our regular diet, consuming more sugar and alcoholic beverages, less sleep and more make-up, all of which disrupt our daily beauty care routine and take a toll on our skin. A great way to make sure that your skin stays unharmed by all this stress is to implement a targeted skin care routine a few weeks before the holidays, a regimen that nourishes and moisturizes the skin to help it stay beautiful smooth and even if it does not get too much of your attention for a couple of days. Here are some tips on what to include into that special routine.

natural exfoliant

Preventive Skincare at Home

The first phase of your new skincare regimen should be the removal of dead skin cells through scrubbing. You can find a gentle, natural exfoliant at specialty skincare online sources. Or you can also prepare your own scrub mixing coconut oil, lemon juice and sugar, what is important to apply the scrub carefully on your skin, avoiding any scratching or other harm. Use the exfoliant of choice every two weeks – on the rest of days, use a gentle cleanser in the morning as well as in the evening to remove impurities from your skin before moving on to the next steps of the skin preparation routine

Once your skin is clean, it is time for nourishing and moisturizing it. Each time after you exfoliate the skin, apply a nourishing face mask – you can either prepare your own or buy the product that is suitable for your skin. On the days when you don’t exfoliate, apply a light day cream in the morning and a richer moisturizer for the night. Don’t neglect the sensitive skin around the eyes either – get a special eye cream and use it every day.

Turn to a Professional

You can also pamper your skin with a complete treatment in a beauty salon. Ideally, the treatment should include professional peeling and cleansing, the application of nourishing masks and massage to improve skin circulation.

Lifestyle Changes

Staying hydrated is essential for having skin that is glowing with health and your diet also influences the way your skin looks. Try to consume at least eight glasses of water, herbal tea or fresh fruit juices, add more fresh fruit and vegetables to your diet, limit your intake of sugar, reduce the amount of caffeine and alcohol that you consume and try to get enough sleep, too. Going to a sauna about once a week can also help a lot – sweating eliminates the toxins from the entire body, the skin included.

The results will take a couple of days to become visible, but when they do, your skin will look spectacular – soft, smooth, refreshed, free from blemishes and imperfections, just perfect for a stunning appearance during your holiday visits.